New Hoopla Cards | 05/30/05

Nothing ruins a nice day off like lots of rain. Especially when it's raining so hard you have to change into new clothes every time you flip a burger. Chris and Mike came over for Memorial Day and they brought a ton of delicious food with 'em. The grill was out of gas so I had to con the nice girl at Albertson's into letting me exchange a Blue Rhino tank with an American Propane Exchange. I was pretty sneaky.

After we ate we tested out about sixty new Hoopla cards and I would say a solid 55 of them worked out pretty well. Of course, the five that didn't were terrible and it took about a half hour to guess them. Damn Word Whomps.


anita (Unknown)

Where do I get the new HOOPLA cards???

Reona (Unknown)

Just trying to find new Hoopla cards.



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