Crazy Old Man Jack: Part V | 06/02/05

I completely understand where he's coming from--he really thinks he single-handedly integrated the south. That's fine. I just don't think a documentary on the role of rich whites in integration will go over well. Of course we're all different. Duh. But why make a movie that just reinforces our differences? At the minimum, god forbid, this movie would be shown to school kids. What good does it do to remind them that color is such a big issue when they're already playing together? There are plenty of reasons to hate people, don't get me wrong--I hate more than my fair share but what's the point of choosing something a person has no control over. Maybe it's just because (as far as I know) my family has never been enslaved nor owned slaves but I just don't get it. It might that coming from a musical background there were so many badasses that were black. Where would we be without Art Blakey? Miles? In Living Color? Ok, maybe not ILC but still. I guess I've always been fortunate enough to play in groups where the best players played. It was as simple as that. If you were good, you were in the group and if you weren't, then you sat home listening to U2 while the rest of us gigged. And it didn't matter how much money you or your parents had or what your family's history was. It's about now, man. Hippie-ish enough for you?




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