Happy Birthday Mom! | 06/03/05

Thank God for theatre people. If it weren't for them, musicians would be at the absolute bottom of the high school food chain. Sure, we might have been covered with acne and been nerdy and bad at sports but at least we weren't the ones coming to school in pink fur and hooking up with our directors looking for "our big break". On the bright side, they (like us) kept mostly to ourselves. The problems started to arise when musical theatre time came. Here the two worlds merged and the dregs of both the theatre and music departments created a whole new level of uncoolness--so low that kids in the marching band would steal their lunch money and the wannabe-Shakespearian actors would knock books out of their hands.

In defense of those "kids", the only person I know from my enormous high school that "made it" once crawled at these depths. While I didn't know Parvesh well, he did have AP Calculus with me. Not to say that people from our class haven't done well--I'm certainly pretty pleased collecting royalty checks monthly but I also haven't been in a blockbuster film, you know?




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