Teacher Confessions | 01/13/04

I am way too pissed to write a good update. On top of a very long day, I still have Student X being completely unreasonable and just owning up to the fact that s/he screwed up would solve all the problems. Although the powers that be have supported me so far, I feel like somehow this is my fault. I didn't make any mistakes and have been more than reasonable. My current students have all shown up so far and seem very bright (hooray). I hope they don't find secret ways of disappointing me. They also seemed keen on the idea of helping their peers out, which I'm going to try to instill into my teaching. Even today, students showed other students how to sign up for accounts. It was very nice. Today I got to have a tour of the library in Music Bibliography. God help any grad student who doesn't know where the reference section is. Admittedly, I do not frequent this particular locale on a daily basis but I'm pretty sure I could find it underneath the "REFERENCE SECTION" sign. I'm glad Meg is in my class. I think I would go insane if she wasn't. I forgot how much I hate all-lecture classes. This class I have with all the undergrads is terrible so far. I'm sure the professor hates teaching it as much as the older students hate taking it. If we could have a smaller reading/discussion class it would be much more beneficial. I'm assuming he knows that undergrads need their readings force-fed to them. If it wasn't such a long class, it would be bearable but at 1.5 hours, it just kind of drags by. I also wish s/he'd lock the door five minutes after class. I've been late for class too but not 10-20 minutes. The problem is that I think the material is really interesting but the class make-up makes it move so slowly. The only questions are asked by people who don't pay attention and ask him to repeat things he could not have said any more clearly. Tonight was the first Mas rehearsal of the semester and other than the usual first-day-mundane-talking the actual playing sounded extremely promising. My "Former Students Now In Mas Count" has made it up to four. Ian gave me a ride home from school today via the scenic route. We walked by Marty's car. No wonder girls love him. Put the top back, baby. Put the top back.




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