Arturo Sandoval Sucks | 06/11/05

I know I'm going to get a ton of mean emails and comments for this post but here goes. Is there a more annoying trumpet player than Arturo Sandoval? Can he play fast? Sure. Is it clean when it's fast? Definitely. Is there any musicality? HELL no. He's like Liam Teague on trumpet. Sorry Liam. You hear them play and at first you're like, "Whoa, it's so fast and high" but then you have to endure a slow song with, well you know, a melody and chords that actually have to be followed and you want to rip your ears off. I recently unearthed a copy of Sandoval "playing" Freddie Hubbard's masterpiece Little Sunflower and wow. It's terrible. It's like he has no concept of what notes go where. He's all noodling around and it's just awful. Poor Freddie. See for yourself.



ya dudes! thats exactly why he played with Gilespy! CUZ HE SUCKS! And also that why hes a world class trupet player thats played with almost every Jazz hero known.. CUZ HE SUCKS! and also that why he can play 4 octives above what is humanly possible!!! HAHAHA ya your all full of shit

Ignacio (Unknown)

I 10000000000000000000000000% AGREE!!!

blaster (Unknown)

I totally agree too. All of his improvised solos are pretty much the same. Give the guy credit for having a high range though. Actually anybody can be a Sandoval if they have the ranges, just jiggles the valves when playing high. :) How did this guy get so famous anyway?

Kdawg (Unknown)


WB FTW (Unknown)

His high notes sound shitty and durty as well.

2niteshoband (Unknown)

Arturo is the lamest excuse for a screamer ever. Dirty and squeaky high note outragous inconsistentcy. Why he considered so good. I don't know.

MFismy homeboy (Unknown)

He really sounds bad in the upper register. He also has a very limited soloing vocabulary. Not impressed at all by him.

CaciaDBEST (Unknown)

His playing and tone in general is a bunch of wank. Atonal chromatic shit, sqeaky shitty high notes. Way overrrated. Sounds like a high school kid trying to show off.

stpsahd (Unknown)

Agree with everybody, can't stand to listen to him for more than one song. Doesn't deserve the rep he gets.

fucksandoval (Unknown)

Fuck Sandoval

HIGH!!!! Trumpet (Unknown)

Sandoval cannot play high worth shit. His jazz improve is dirty, limited and uncharactieristic. If there ever was a horrible famous trumpet player he is it.

jacko yodle (Unknown)


I is playzin jazzzzz (Unknown)

The movie for love or country was funny because it is supposed to be about this awesome trumpet player but all you hear is complete suckage.

I agree with the above. (Unknown)

The movie was hilarious for two reasons. One, the trumpet suckage was outragous, horrible, and funny. Two, the actor was just a white guy with a fake mustache.

Trpt players are ego maniacs. (Unknown)

He used to good, but no more, blattly harsh tone with squeaky inconsistent range.

Blowjobs are awesome. (Unknown)

Its true.



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