Not Sweaty | 06/16/05

According to Old Spice's 100 Sweatiest Cities, Milwaukee is 94 and Green Bay is 98. Tallahassee is not listed. Have these people BEEN to Milwaukee, Green Bay or Tallahassee? Come on, when it's 80 in Green Bay it's 83 in Milwaukee and about 121 in Tallahassee. The only explanation I can see is that maybe people are fatter there (because they need the extra weight to keep warm during the winter) because people sweat constantly here. I don't remember inactive people very sweaty up there. If they are going to use fatties as the norm, what about the fat people down here? Surely they must sweat more than someone of equal size in Wisconsin. Whatever. I sweat down here and didn't up there. Send me some free product.




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