Happy Birthday | 10/09/06

This picture is courtesy of jamie who sent it to me as a bitmap. That's right, a bitmap. Ok, keep reading I'll focus the rest of this entry on people who aren't dorks. I am now the big 2-7 which entitles me to a whole new world of things. We went out for dinner at Longhorn then I took myself shopping for presents. I ended up getting a new plastic garbage can for my kitchen and a little TV Stand that was on clearance at Best Buy. My mom got me a deck of playing cards with large numbers on them (because I'm getting old), a replacement for Led Zeppelin IV(!) and, haha, a GRE Book. Jamie's presents are still being flown in from exotic places such as the United States. I wish I had pictures of myself from all ages, so I could make a collage like brian makes every year. Sadly, that's not going to happen. Oh well. Happy Birthday me.




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