Spring Cleaning | 01/12/04

Today was a good day. Maybe not good in the conventional "I got lots done" sense or the "whoa, there's a $50 on the ground" sense but in a lazy, sort of apathetic sense. I actually got a lot done tonight, including sorting out some students from last semester. I woke up on time today and made it Atonal Analysis with my homework done. Too bad my undergrad professor did a HORRIBLE job explaining things and he managed to teach me wrong. That being the case, I screwed my homework up big time. Oh well, at least now I know how to do it. I had heard horror stories about Dr. Rogers and Atonal Analysis but I think she teaches the class well. What I like already is that she always goes through how the proofs are made and does them for us. That is so much better than saying "this is rule X, like it because I told you to." She has a very dry sense of humor, which I also like. I feel badly for the non-theory/comp people in the class that still can't count to twelve. I can tell this because they look down for the full 50 minutes. Like, they don't even come up for, like, eye-air; just looking down the whole time. After that I met with Dr. Clendinning about my theory thesis. Even though I had nothing new to show her she pointed me in the right direction. I talked to Dr. Stanley for a bit about a problem with a former student and he helped ease my mind a little bit. I received another email from Student-X tonight and I did my best to reply without giving my personal opinion about anything. If s/he decides to challenge it further I'm ready to defend my position to whatever powers may be out there. This afternoon Jamie and I went to the dog park. Spring must be in the air because it was a venerable hump-fest out there. Chompy and The Ab were both able to dodge the cartoon dog that was chasing them (one of those big, fluffy dogs that I think might be in Family Circus?). After the dog park I came home and took care of my stuff for tomorrow's classes and cleaned my kitchen. And by "cleaned my kitchen" I mean "put non-rinsed plates with week-old mashed potatoes permanently affixed to them into the dishwasher." Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day. I also am going to write a guest entry for Brian's journal this week.




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