Yankees Suck | 06/17/05

Stupid Yankees. Jamie and I watched the Cubs vs. Yankees last night. Here are some things we found basically true about New York Yankees fans.

1) They are loud. For no reason.

2) They look scary. Would it kill you to grow your hair out? Surely you ALL don't need shaved heads and scary facial hair.

3) Quite frankly, they're pretty ugly. Maybe that's just Yankees fans though. I don't recall seeing any stand-out-ugly people when I watch the Mets at Shea.

4) They're dumb. They celebrated when a fan interfered with a ball that should have scored two runs.

I was surprised to see lots of Cubs fans though. That made me happy. I hope they don't cheer too loudly. Midwesterners have no chance in parking lot brawls against these thugs.




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