Aching Abs | 06/25/05

Ouch. My aching abs. Chris and I helped Jamie move before our gig. We grabbed some CFA on the way and settled in to our normal routine (we've moved a lot of people). We had the truck loaded by noon and found the new apartment complex with only minor difficulty. Jamie and Liz went go sign the lease while Chris and I single-handedly unloaded the truck. Sure, the 3rd roommate and her former-high-school-teacher-now-boyfriend were there but they were too busy unloading single books out of their SUV. Not that the third roommate, Kristin, didn't try to help us. Unfortunately her asshole boyfriend would yell at her to help carry in trays of pens and small decorate baskets with fake limes and lemons. Needless to say, Chris and I HATED him. Jamie and I managed to only get in one little fight. Pretty good for us. By 3pm, Chris and I left and ate a quick lunch at Bennigan's so I could take a nap before our gig.

I watched about five seconds of the Cubs game before I fell asleep. I woke up, showered, picked Chris up and we were off to Ox Bottom. It was pouring rain and although were under the roof of the extra house (beach house) no one was really out there to hear us. Seriously, it was like getting paid to practice. After the gig, we went to the store, bought some Icy-Hot and I dropped Chris off so I could drive the other side of town to bring Jamie a patch. By the time I got there they had all the stuff inside including Ab. Jamie slapped the Icy-Hot on and then I came home.

That patch worked wonders. My back feels great today and I fear that if I hadn't put it on my back would feel like my shoulders--nearly unmovable. So go get some Icy-Hot today!




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