Thanks Kristin | 06/26/05

Dude, I'm getting a Dell. Thanks to Jamie's sister's company's corporate discount I got about $1100 off the laptop I had been looking at. Now I too can join the modern world and not have to literally work-at-home to work at home. Believe it or not, I didn't pimp it out and kept the cost very reasonable. I'm sure I'll need a new one in a couple of years so I might as well not blow my cash on this one.

Brian tagged me tomorrow (yeah, late update) so I'll agree since I was the only one he tagged. Today I'll post my five favorites of the month of June (songs I don't skip over on Winamp) and tomorrow I'll post my five least favorite. You can click on Ab's face for the song.

Led Zeppelin's Black Mountain side.

Chili Pepper's horrible live version of Under The Bridge

The Allman Brother's Little Martha

No Doubt's Don't Speak

The One Hit Wonder Space's Female of the Species (is more deadly than the male).

I don't really know that many people that keep blogs but here goes: I tag: Jamie, Mary, Mark and if the NY Reader is Meg, then Meg. Although if it is she hasn't updated since December.




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