A Beautiful Mind | 07/02/05

I had a pretty quiet day until about 5:30am when Ab woke up. Jamie went to Alligator Point to relax at the beach so I was on pup patrol. Since Abby wouldn't go back to sleep I brought her and Chompy on a two hour car ride around town. I managed to not get lost despite driving around with that intent. Jamie took Chris and out to dinner to Bennigan's as a thank you for helping her move last weekend. We then hit up the new Hollywood Video they built across the street and got a couple of movies. We watched Sideways and it was pretty good. I had read about half of the book when I first got it and it seemed to capture it pretty well. The movie reminded me of a trip that Matt Flynn and I would take in about 15 years. Not that Matt is nearly that slutty but still. Naturally, I would be the balding guy. I also rented Saw to watch when Jamie isn't around since she doesn't like scary movies. Chris saw A Beautiful Mind was for sale so I picked that up for future watching as well.




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