Seeing Saw | 07/04/05

Thank God Chris works with bugs all day and doesn't have the same fear of them that I do. I had been in and out into the backyard probably a dozen times already and thankfully we had finished eating. Between my sliding back door and the screen door (so technically in the house) there was a hornets' nest nestled up at the top. To make matters worse the larvae were hatching. Hiding in the house, we sent Chris out with a can of lysol and one of those long-lighters you typically use for lighting a grill. About ten minutes later they were all dead and their home base was burnt up beyond repair.

Jamie was the Grill Captain and made some awesome burgers. We tried to go to see Fireworks after dinner but missed all but the highest ones because a Publix sign was in our way. We know where to go next year.

Yesterday, I saw Saw. Great movie.




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