Trip to Chicago | 07/12/05

If you've never been to Naperville, and I have to assume you haven't, it's gotten big. Real big. Most houses now cost upwards of half a million and the city was named #3 by Money Magazine's Top 100 Places to Live in America. It's a yuppie town but at least it has a diner.

Since it would take a separate page to recount all the things that happened I think I'll just bullet-point the whole thing.

And here we go:

* Dr. Calendar was on my flight to Atlanta from Tallahassee. He's doing fine. I know I'm spelling his name wrong but he still thought I was in school so we'll call it even.
* The Atlanta Airport has wireless but then they get mad when you use it. Just FYI: user: admin password: password. No seriously. But they'll cut you off after a couple minutes.
* Baker's Square still has the best honey mustard sauce on the planet.
* Portillo's still has the best ribs on the planet.
* My mom is frighteningly good at poker. Not only did she win the majority of games, she finished in first or second in all but one (out of seven).
* I am superior to Steve at NCAA Football on Gamecube. So that makes my video game besting against Steve something like 1-435879.
* Soca Chompy's parts are now half done.
* My dad would consider helping my buy a house down here.
* My uncle can't remember anything important and my grandma can't remember anything unimportant.
* My dad bought my grandma a new TV. The first three didn't work; hopefully the 4th will.
* I went to my 2nd Naperville bar with Mark and then kicked his ass in Cribbage.
* My room at home is now, officially, "the den".
* I had to sit between two of the largest women in my life on my flight from Midway to Hartsfield.
* I think my flight from Hartsfield to Tallahassee was made up of the nicest people ever assembled on a plane.
* Tallahassee is DAMN hot and DAMN humid.
* The hurricane snuck into my house through my back door. It also killed all the plants in my garden.




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