Ford Sucks | 07/13/05

For the ninth time since I've been blogging, the Taurus won't start. Had it not been for the kindheartedness of Jerry, I would have been stuck at home and at the complete mercy of the apathetic AAA people. Tomorrow I'm bringing the car into McCann's Automotive's shop. It's owned by the husband of my former boss (from the City of Tallahassee). I found out she no longer works for talgov and everyone told me to wish her the best when I saw her. I wonder why she quit...well, of course she had more job responsibilities than anyone else I knew there and probably didn't make enough money. To her credit though, she was a damn good employee (not to mention a very good supervisor). I don't think I'll ever work with anyone as detail oriented as she was. Three cheers for Helen (as long as her husband can fix my stupid car).




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