A Week Of Highlights | 07/24/05

And what a week it's been! Let's hit the highlights, shall we?

I'm almost finished with a website project. I gave it a showing on Friday and it went over really well. I also booked two new clients. Yippiee. The subject of my wanting to buy a house came up and I got a lot of good contacts who would help me for no charge. Score!

I attended a luncheon at the University Club Center and got to hear astronaut Alan Scott speak. He is not related to the Alan Scott I went to school with.

Poker-Chris thoroughly destroyed us on Wednesday and took all our money. Again.

My neighbor Kent and his wife Sara moved away. One less person to invite to poker night.

Jamie took us (well, technically) to Giorgio's for dinner on Date Night. I had the blackened prime rib with some potato pie. Mmm mmm mmm. We then came back and ate s'mores in my kitchen.

Jamie went to Jacksonville and I pupsat. Chris came over with wine and we drank it. A lot of it.

I bought a couple new fish but they're dead already.

I vacuumed the kitchen and dining room with the mini-vac. People no longer have to worry about tracking things out with them when they leave.

I did about six loads of laundry but my room looks just as filled with dirty clothes.

I went to check out a gig site at Southwood. Nice place to live if you've got a couple million bucks and nothing to do with it.




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