Shenanigans | 07/26/05

After helping Jamie with more car troubles I decided to join Chris and Mike at this pub down on Thomasville (Shenanigans) for some beer and trivia. After devoting a solid three years of my life to trivia I thought I'd be pretty good but no. The only question I was able to answer was in the cruelly ironic Disney Movies category: the name of the whale in Pinocchio. It's Monstro. I never saw the movie but my mom used to read me that book as a kid.

Matt's Jenny's softball team was there playing and they complained that we had six people when the max was five. They're some real assholes. I was hoping we'd fight but it didn't happen.

Jimmy (also in our group) decided to pick up this big, dead beetle and pretend to throw it at me. That wasn't very nice. Naturally, I shrieked like a little girl and they all had a good laugh. But in all seriousness, this beetle was huge--huge even for Florida. Roughly the size of Chompy. It took him both hands to pick it up.

Ok maybe not. But still. It was the size of my thumb.




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