Poker Trouncing | 07/27/05

Last night was the reason I don't play poker for big bucks. I was trounced by both Brian and Theory-Chris. Finishing a pathetic 4th in the first game and 3rd in the second game is not my idea of a good time but I guess someone has to lose. Unlike most times when I lose, the hands I folded were just as bad as the ones I played. Usually when I toss my 3-7 the flop yields the 6-5-4. I only had two good hands the whole night and the second one was easily bested by Brian.

Next Wednesday, after poker of course, we're going to Leon Pub to celebrate Jamie's potential MSW. On a lighter note, I had a tendercrisp sandwich from BK yesterday and I have to say that it was pretty darn good. I need to go back to eating fast food every day.




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