Peter Jennings Dead | 08/07/05

Peter Jennings died. He was the last broadcaster with honest eyes. Don't smoke.

Ahhhhhh. This is the new blog. Don't forget to change your bookmarks from index.html to index.php. Why do you need to do this? Excellent question. You see, ideally you can just bookmark but your browser will automatically look for first. If it can't find that it moves on to *.php. Since the new pages are written in PHP I'd like it to find that first which means I'll have to take away that little reminder at the old page.

Obviously things aren't done done just yet. But it was either go with this or you'd have to wait over a month to see everything. You see, updating all of those old entries, most of which were "written" in Microsoft Front Page takes about 3 hours per month. Why? There are about forty lines of HTML to make something like MSFP Sucks. I was a little late getting with that whole CSS thing but when I go through my next updatey-sort-of-mood I'll be able to change everything with a few lines instead of having to hack through tens of thousands of lines of worthless tags and crap.

Now for a quick recap of the past week. On Monday I don't remember what I did. Same with Tuesday. On Wednesday I decimated everyone in poker and then we went out to the Leon Pub to celebrate Jamie's impending graduation. I don't remember what I did on Thursday either. On Friday I finished a site, booked another and watched Ab while Jamie went to hear some stupid band. Saturday was spent hanging out with Jamie's family to celebrate her MSW. Today I started working on a new website. Jamie made pot roast for dinner.

I also saw Dr. Buchler last week at Fresh Market. I like him even though my single worst teaching experience happened in his class. He's a smart guy and, with Dr. Spencer gone, shows his love for music more than anyone of the other professors I had. I was fortunate to have professors and colleagues that were really smart but I can count on one hand how many really cared about making music. Nothing against their academic scholarship--but I don't believe they really feel it. I don't think any of them make time every day to sit down, turn off the lights and zone out to something beautiful. I still do this but I'm in no position to consider myself a musician right now. I make way too much money.




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