222 Things About Me | 08/08/05

Today was a busy day. I promised Chris and Mike that I'd stop saying I was busy but I was. I spent the morning writing proposals and replying to the billions of emails I received this weekend. I tried to meet Theory-Chris for lunch but the bastard stood me up. I came home to upload a new website but when I viewed it all the pictures were corrupted. Already running a little late I starting to panic. More like totally freak out. Long story short, my FTP program somehow switched from binary to ASCII transfers and was screwing up the images as they passed through.

Jamie and I hung out with Matt and his brother. Afterwards I dropped of Chris' key and ate the 2nd most delicious chocolate chip cookie I've ever eaten. Seriously.

I also finished the first 100 entries in the "About Me" page. You might learn something--notice the strikeout is gone.




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