Get Out Of Jury Duty | 01/09/04

This morning I had jury duty. I made some friends there. The four of us could have made a perfect sitcom: me, a Hispanic girl of about 20, a black guy (with dreds) of about 35 and a 60-something disgruntled white woman. I didn't get called (again) and they let me go. Apparently this time, unlike last time, it counts. I spent for a good two hours of it but I still resented every minute of being there. Afterwards, I went up the Public Defender's office to say hi to Jamie's dad. I got the grand tour. "Some ghetto kids" painted a hideous mural in the lobby and I also got to see the collection of "nice" clothes that they provide for their clients that have to show up to court but are only wearing 1991 K-Mart's best. After I left there, I came back home to check on my tuition waiver status and it was all good. I also found out that one of my particularly cranky students wants to appeal a grade. Lovely. Another one talked to me about it but this other one was very reasonable. Anyway, I fell asleep around 11:30 because, well, I'm getting old.




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