Weirdy | 08/10/05

Usually when I lose in poker I blame the cards. It's beyond my comprehension that someone could outplay me so the only logical reason I can see is that that cards were out to get me. Not last night. We had a healthy turn out of seven, including Michael and Jimmy. Michael made a good showing coming in 3rd in his first game. I finished fourth even with the luck of the Irish. In three hands I got the card I needed to prevent me from going out on the river. And I'm not talking about having a lot of outs. For example: I'm all in with the 4 of diamonds and the jack of clubs. Brian has the two and the nine of spades. He flops two pair and I flop a chance for a flush with running diamonds. I got it. The next hand against Jamie I had the same thing. She had a straight to the ace and I made a flush on the last card despite havine only the duece of that suit. Ultimately Jamie was our big winner. Her strategy is to knock people out herself. As Brian, who finished 2nd, learned the hard way, even if you're playing well when the other person knocks out five people s/he then has a ton of chips.

One of my neighbors came by midway through the game to see if we wanted some watermelon. He's a weird guy.




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