Crazy Old Man Jack: Part VII | 08/11/05

I knew working with Jack would pay off eventually. I've lucked out into a situation where we've uncovered a huge website (450k hits/month) that needs a massive update. The company that runs it doesn't have the staff to keep up and I'm going to make a power move to take it over. Jack will be happy that he can put what he wants in his section, they'll be happy that they'll be getting it done for essentially free and I'll be happy that such a big site is going into my portfolio. What a win-win-win situation. The financing will all be done with Google ads. With a couple of those puppies set "for me" we all win again since then they don't have to pay anything out of pocket and can keep all the rest of the ads aimed at them. Score!

I hung out with Matt Flynn again tonight. I promised him I'd walk around the lake with him last time we hung out so I kept my promise. We stupidly brought Chompy and she reared back cutting our trip in half. That's my dog.




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