Offensive Mascot List | 08/14/05

Today was a good day for blog updates. The links page, contact page and Offensive Mascot Lists all managed to get done. The links page is in no particular order so don't get your panties in a knot if you're not where you think you should be. I decided to wait on doing more archived entries since those are literally 0% fun and since it was the weekend...hey, might as well have a little fun right?

The Cubs managed to win three of four from the Cardinals, the best team in the NL after being swept by both the pathetic Mets and extra-pathetic Reds. I'll never understand this team.

I hate Blogger and all those make-a-blog pages. I used to enjoy reading blogs a lot more when whomever had one knew how to make one. Even if it was really ugly or just a centered tabled with a lot of rows and one column it said: I care enough about my life (and you should too) that I am going to learn the fundamentals of webmaking. Now though you can just sign on every hour and put up a new entry.

6:30am: Woke up and thought about Charlie. He's dreamy.
7:45am: Where is Fluffy? I can't find her anywhere!
12:15pm: At Wendy's. Fries!! Can you say yum!
3:30pm: School suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Charlie spat in my hair when he found out I called him a dreamboat. I luv bad boys. I can change him.
7:00pm: OMG. Fluffy was under my desk ALL DAY
9:00pm: I thot Charlie would call by now but I guess he can't find my number.
10:00pm: Still nothing.
11:00pm: Still nothing.
12:00pm: Still nothing.
12:05am: Stupid Dana called wanting to talk about something I don't care about. Still no word from Charlie.
1:00am: Where is he???????
2:00am: I am SO lonely.
3:00am: Screw him. I have a english test on some book tomorrow.
5:00am: Ok, I'm really going to bed now. He probably just forgot.

It's so easy for them to post templated updates they do it all the time. Instead of the blogger logo being pasted on your site you should just have one that says: I suck (leave a comment).




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