Rex Grossman Hurt | 08/18/05

My life got a little better when Rex got hurt. Growing up a Bears fan it was tough to part ways two years ago and root for the Packers. I had no choice though, as the Bears drafted former UF "star" Rex Grossman. Sure he was hurt all season but could I ever root for a team led by a Florida Gator? I don't think so Chompy. The good news (dare I say great?) is that he got hurt again. Not that I'll root for the Bears but at least I know they'll have another terrible year. Rooting for Green Bay isn't so bad. I did go to college in Wisconsin so it's not like I just picked some random team. It's also nice to root for a team that you know is going to go to the least have a winning season. That's more than I could ever say for the Bears. Or the Cubs.




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