FBI Crackdown at FSU | 01/08/04

When they give out awards for worst-days I think my day needs to be in the running. I woke up with ample time for class but had no rosters. When I got there to teach, Doug told me that OTTO was semi-down. By this he meant that the idiots that run the university servers made him run a virtual host and OTTO was a slave to it. This translated to me as: no one can sign up for new accounts, I can't change passwords and anything that involved any interaction between OTTO and Joe-Student was not going to be possible. My first class went smoothly enough. There were enough computers for everyone and that was a pleasant change of pace from last semester. After class, I ran into Marty, Ian and Chris and we tried to get Julia to give us our SUSSI forms back early. Only Chris got his, though. I managed to kill the hour easily enough and went back to teach. There were well over 300 million people in my class and I can already foresee computer-sharing to be a problem for the second semester in a row. All of the students seem intelligent enough, though, unlike last semester when they all just looked scared. I made everyone introduce themselves and had them tell everyone one of their New Year's Resolutions. What a great idea, if I do say so myself. You learn a lot about them from the piece of information. After class I went to try to find Dr. Bakan to see if I could join the Ethnomusicology Seminar, as I had hoped. I walked into his office as he was reading my email. He told me that the class was not named appropriately and that I would not be able to take it because it was a secondary course to one in the fall, which I obviously had not taken. Unlike most of the other faculty that I have run-ins with occasionally, he could not have been more helpful to me. He went over to the other building and helped me choose and get into a full section of Music Of The Caribbean. I give him two thumbs up. I then went home in the hopes of calling the courthouse so I could be excused from Jury Duty for tomorrow. The woman employee and I got into a yelling match and I am embarrassed to admit that I might have inferred she was an idiot working for minimum wage for a reason. And what I say inferred, I mean out-right stated. They had lost all records of me from the past and she insisted I had never been there. They didn't even have my record from last summer when I had been in the jurors' box. I was really, really pissed. After slamming the phone down for effect (not effective with a cell-phone I learned), I went to see if I could sneak into Music Bibliography. The class is going to suck suck suck suck suck but at least Meg is in it with me. Our professor was my old TA-Boxmate and I had no choice but to play that card when I was begging to get in. I think the secret of my begging was writing my name first on the top of the Please-Add-Me-List even though I received it last in the class. I wrote in my smallest hand-font above everyone else's name. Anyway, long story shortish, she let me in because she wants my help doing the computer research stuff in class. (She found out I teach the Tech class). With that done, I hauled ass home, ate some chips and then went back for Music Of The Caribbean with Dr. Olsen. He's an interesting guy who clearly knows what he's talking about--the problem is that the class is for anyone so there are freshman business majors in the same class that can't find Cuba on a map. A map that has Cuba labeled in all caps. Whatever. Afterwards, I went to Mas rehearsal and Chris and Ryan auditioned the new people. I fear members of the group might come to the website to see this, so I will not comment upon what I heard about the new people. Not that it was bad but it wasn't good in some cases. There were 17 people auditioning for 3 spots, which is always good. After rehearsal Jamie and I went to Olive Garden for dinner, came home watched the Pete Rose story on ABC and yelled at Chompy, as she got into my garbage and left it all over the house. Again.




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