Swarms of Baby Fish | 08/19/05

In case you've never had the joy of seeing swarms of baby fish there's a picture. Those aren't actually the ones in my tank but that's the gist of it. Babies everywhere. 500 of 'em. Mmm. Anyway, in the past month not only have there been an outbreak of incesting but they're making multiple batches of babies. They all seem happy enough and I think all the really retarded ones have died by now. Chris moved his birthday turle from a couple years ago to the pond at his job so I inherited the old tank and the babies and going to move into that one and I'm going to throw away this little one. I had originally bought it as a hospital tank but once I saw babies on my birthday last year I kept them in there. Thus ends the worst two back-to-back entries in this blog's history.


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