Desperate Housewives Prediction List | 08/20/05

Boy, did I nerd it out this weekend. When I wasn't working on the Desperate Housewives Prediction List I was playing a computer game. Nerdy! On Sunday Jimmy and Chris came over while Jamie, Heather and Michael went to Brothers for 80s Night. They came back around 2:15 or so and I all really remember since I was tired was that it got really loud really fast. Since Ab was at the kennel the three of us plus Chompy really just sat around and talked quietly as we relaxed relationship-free for three hours. I wanted to play a game of Hoopla with everyone before they left but that didn't happen. Maybe Tuesday night. Kathy and Fed-Chris are coming back into town on Monday so Jamie and I will probably get a lunch out of it even though we were promised a double date. Busted.




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