Go Firefox or Go Home | 08/22/05

Listen carefully. If you're still using Internet Explorer (and I know some of you are) stop. Stop right now. It is my fear that you don't even know how badly you have it. What you need to do is take a deep breath, download Mozilla Firefox and welcome to the 21st Century. Some of us have had a Mozilla browser for a while and others have had it since the beginning. The problem is that people with only Internet Explorer have nothing to compare it to. You mean I have a browser choice? Hell yes you do. I realize you might have a bad experience with something like Netscape 2.0 about five years ago. Firefox is will be good to you. Really good. Allow me to hit a few key points: tabbed browsing...much faster loading and viewing times...downloadable extensions...optional email client...correctly processes CSS (if you're using IE you'll notice that the Comments line below is cut off). And my friends that's just the beginning. You shouldn't get rid of IE altogether because there are some idiot developers (like here) who continue to write things that can be only processed by Internet Explorer. However, I cannot think of another downside to Firefox. Get it. It's free.

I got some coffee with Chris around 9:15pm and met up with Kathy and Company at her new apartment around 11pm. The new decor was...interesting. It was sad to be directly presented with the fact I'm out of the FSU loop. Everyone was all excited about the classes they'd be teaching and how they wanted to beat certain students and how certain professors suffered from some weird disorder or whatever. While I certainly could relate in principle I didn't have any of those students and will be sitting in this chair on Monday when they're back at school. I had much more in common with Kathy's beau (Fed-Chris) and he filled me in on arrays and other nerdy things that I like to know. We played some Euchre and had a few beers then I dropped Jamie off and went home. Chompy was in an especially playful mood (for 2:30am) but I finally convinced her it was bedtime and she spooned me for a while before moving to the couch.




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