Secrets Secrets Are No Fun | 08/23/05

I hate secrets. Don't get me wrong--I have stupid little secrets like anyone else. I'm talking about mega-secrets. I don't like cover-ups either. There is no reliable media source and that's sad. What's even more sad is that I believe there are a couple that really want to give us the truth. The problem is that they are deliberately misled and don't know better. At some point you have to trust a source but when the source knows you can get played what's the point of even putting out news. Don't get me wrong, I know there are some things I don't need to know. The stuff that Brian and Fed-Chris are working on probably should stay a secret from people like me. That's fine. They know what they're working on and I trust them to do things right. The problem is the more general news that is really just lies. All this spin and angles is just bullshit. Think about FDR being able to run the country while hiding his handicap. That's amazing and a tribute to how sneaky the people we elect are. I'm not saying it's Republicans and's everyone and it sucks. It sucks for all of us that think by playing by the rules we get some sort of reward of "loopage" one day. Or at least be given a fair shake and a chance to be trusted to make our own decisions on what's going on. Whatever.




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