Major Poker Party | 08/24/05

Last night we had the largest game of poker since we started playing a year ago. In the order of loserness it was: Poker-Chris, (Brian's friend) Walter, Jamie, Kathy, me, Kevin, Brian and Michael. For just starting about a month ago Michael thoroughly kicked ass. Unlike Liz's Beginner's Luck Win a few months back no one really had anything complain about. I had the weirdest cards last night. By that I mean the whole time I was dealt I was never dealt a hand that would have won the pot. The only time I got to rake chips in was the time Michael and I split the pot. It was so bad I can't even be mad about it--think about it. You play for 2 hours and get let's say 50 sets of cards. For you NEVER to have a winning hand would seem stastically impossible. I'm not talking about the hands I played--I'm talking had I stayed in for every pot I would have never had the best hand. Had I not blown half my stack on the first hand I would have probably been able to bluff some pots but that didn't happen. Jamie, Kathy and I really had some sucky luck and for most of the game even combining our stacks would have left us in last place.

After the game Matt Flynn, Jamie and I hung out and got into a hugediscussion over what we as individuals could do for society at large. It was rare that all three of us were in the mood for such a hefty topic but I guess the planets aligned(="left"). Last night I had a dream that I built a website that would allow everyday people to act as a thinktank. We had some really good, feasible ideas between us for a host of problems and surely there are "normal" people out there that have similar ones. In line with my post yesterday I really don't think we can trust anyone else. There is too much money at stake for the government not to partner with industries that need certain benefits. I get it. So why can't we do things for ourselves? You really think a Harvard MBA in a thinktank knows what to do to help the single parent in Quincy, FL? Hell no. All the philosophy and principle in the world isn't going to work *now*. The hardest part is getting people involved that don't need to care. Odds are just by reading this you make a decent living or are on the path already to make a decent living. You're winning within the system and that's great but not everyone can win in the system. Matt was pissed that Bill Gates only donates $7 billion dollars a year while his kids enjoy temperature controlled rooms that know when they enter. Good for them. Making a difference for other people doesn't have to mean you have to scrape by. Keep your plasma TVs and subscriptions to Cosmo. Every person has the capacity to give one of three things: money, time or resources. Say by chance you're incapable of giving one of those three things--then you're one of the benefits of it. This is not hippie bullshit anymore.




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