Lucky Escape | 08/28/05

Jamie and I decided to take a weekend trip to New Orleans. No really. It's now Monday morning and I just found out that New Orleans is going to miss the brunt of the storm. To that I say: DAMN! There is no place in this country more deserving of total destruction than the Big Sucky. When I went to bed last night Katrina was still 165mph although down from the 175 of earlier in the day. Now it's down to 145mph and hitting innocent little Biloxi. Anyway, New Orleans sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. Ok, the food was pretty good but that's about it. Want a city that smells like shit--even in the nice parts? Check. Want a city where you have to wrestle against a homeless guy who wants your money at 9:00pm outside your $300/night hotel because no one else is around? Check. Want a city that you're forced to walk or take deplorable public transporation since your car has out of state tags and is guaranteed to be broken into? Check. There is no amount of money that could bring me back to that hell hole. It might be fun for Mardi Gras because you'd be too drunk to notice these things. And odds are you'd pass out in the French Quarter before you could move out of the Mug-Me neighborhoods into the Stab-Me neighborhood. Long story short, save your money and go to beautiful Sopchoppy instead. I'm still crossing my fingers that Katrina will decide to veer straight west and rid us of that dump. And I like Biloxi.




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