Instant Breakfast | 08/29/05

I don't understand at all how computers work. I have no concept of how languages are written or how the languages that understand those languages are written. I know a couple if I type <img etc /> I know a picture is going to show up on here but I don't understand how it actually goes to get the picture for it to display. Philosophy is bad enough but this is...something worse.

When I was in college I thought I'd be cool by putting as much in the system tray as I could. A couple times I was able to get about half of the screen full of icons. That was pretty dumb considered I'd download things just because I knew they'd have an icon there. Even now I have eight icons down there but I'd really like to do away with some of them. I think they're all pretty indespensible except that AVG and Norton are both down there.

New Orleans didn't get the Doomsday Scenario. At 7am I popped out of bed hoping to see the bloated corpses of our would-be muggers floating down Burboun Street in the mouths of white alligators but no. There was maybe a foot of water. I'm not totally heartless--I feel really badly for the residents of Biloxi and Gulfport and Mobile. Good thing there are a couple more depressions out in the ocean right now.

I turned Matt Flynn on to the wonders of Instant Breakfast and Jamie and I played therapist/patient with me apparently doing a really bad job as a social worker. Apparently the phrase "I don't care if you don't want to talk I'm still getting paid to sit in silence" isn't motivation enough for those needing counseling.




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