Blackened Chicken | 08/30/05

Last night I was hurting for some blackened chicken. I decided I was going to go all out to make the hottest chicken ever made. Since I hadn't really preplanned at all (shock!) all my garden-grown hot peppers will still in the freezer. I stupidly put them in the microwave to thaw them out. About 20 seconds later eye-piercing smoke had engulfed my kitchen. Any smoke is bad. But hot pepper smoke could be used as a weapon. About an hour later everything was cleared out and a sat down to a pretty spicy meal.

When I was little I'd do dumb things. Pretty constantly. My dad would sometimes catch me in the middle of...say, playing that game where you take a knife and see how quickly you can stab it between your fingers. He'd always say, "Just because nothing bad has happened yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen". Well, New Orleans had it happen. I keep reading the articles and the people keep saying: I can't believe this is happening. Let's take a look at the to-scale graphic provided by the City Counsel of New Orleans. Gee. I'm shocked that your city is flooding. Yeah, I know I'm heartless. Another big shocker there--lots of looting. I like the way they pretend that looting is only happening now. And that they're only turning a blind eye to it now. As if. According to the New Orleans Homeless Daily 80% of the city's net income is from looting with the other 20% coming from robbed tourists. Great idea, steal from your suffering neighbors. I'm sure my karmic retribution (assuming I didn't pay for it already when I was there) is going to be that they're going to relocate everyone to Tallahassee until the water clears out. Which will be never. I mean the mayor can't even say basic words like "separate" and I don't think I've heard a single sentence come out of his mouth that sounded like a normal sentence. He's like a version of the president without the money.




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