Atonal Analysis | 01/07/04

Today was the first day of the semester and after much pleading, the benevolent Dr. Rogers let me into Atonal Analysis. Tomorrow I need to beg, borrow, cheat or steal my way into both Ethnomusicology Seminar and Music Bibliography. Ethno shouldn't be a problem but Bibliography might. If only I thought I was going to be back this semester instead of in Pensacola! I saw almost all of the students I failed today. That sucks. I went out to lunch with Beth, Theory-Chris, Marty, Marty's (girl?!?!??!)-friend Reina and...well, me. We went to Chili's. It was ok. After that, Kathy came over and we talked for a while about some despicable stuff. After she left, Jamie and I ordered pizza and played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture (DVD) with Chris and Mike. We all lost due to time constraints. I also got my syllabus and calendar ready for tomorrow, my first day of teaching. Oh, and my rosters still aren't up. Ah, the Music Education department. God bless them. The 800th person read my journal today. Thanks, I guess.




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