Bring Out Your Co-Eds | 09/01/05

I doodled that before Jamie left for Ohio. She's going up there to help her Grandma adjust to life in the nursing home and to assist with the sorting of all her posessions. That translates to me being a free man until Monday. Maybe it'll be roofies and some virgin coeds. Maybe it'll be a trip to Vegas. Most likely it'll be me unearthing an old video game for the computer or working on some arrangements. Man, getting old is the worst.

Google and narcissism do not mix. I look for myself all the time but there are a surprisingly large number of people with my name so it takes a while to find about who wanted to smooch me at some point in their life. I got a note from my 8th grade (I erred originally citing 7th) English teacher who I presume Googled himself and found my line about wishing he were dead in the About Me category. Oops. I could have easily just removed the virtual foot from my mouth and ignored but I replied anyway. I really need to focus my anger on those saps in New Orleans. I've left like 50 million comments around the net today about it so I'm really not in the mood to do it again here. There was one especially funny one where the author said they were eating corpses. It's been FOUR DAYS. If you're eating dead bodies after four days I think you really need to join Kirsty Alley's support group. What was really peculiar was that they made it was another sign of black oppression. The author was black and he made a lot of very reasonable (and seemingly accurate) comments but come on "Brothers eating brothers" isn't exactly the type of thing that makes Joe Whiteman say, "I think he's really onto something and is someone I should take seriously".

I've been putting off a racism-based entry for about a week now so I'll probably do one this weekend. If you have any coeds send them my way before Jamie comes back! I've got the roofies.




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