Family Guy Movie | 09/07/05

I secretly received the new Family Guy movie. Thanks Mystery Person X! Since I've been sick all day I decided to lop out a block of time in the middle of the day to watch it. And my God, Chompy--it's great. How could you not love Stewie and Steve Bartman at the Cubs game? I mean seriously. I'm not sure when they're releasing it but I'll probably go see it in the theatre just to make sure that they're getting rich off me.

I found out tonight I'll be doing a website for a sporting good store. Maybe I'll get some hot discounts. I'd like a new baseball mitt.

What's up with all of this new fascination with Rome? When did the history channel stop showing 1 Billion Ways to Look at WWII and The Cufflinks of Hitler and Other Nazi Secrets and replace it with Roman stuff? It's been at least two nights. I did learn that I would not want to be alive then. And probably wouldn't be.




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