Survivor: New Orleans | 09/09/05

This afternoon Jamie had some show on called like Date My Mom. I can't remember exactly what it was and since I've been sitting at my computer all day I'm not really feeling too inclined to look it up. Maybe it's like Meet Me Mom And Possibly Date Me. Anyway, it works something like this: some person goes on three dates with the mom of each potential mate and then the contestant picks one mom and gets her girl. It was really horrible and watching five minutes made me unsure whether to laugh at the people that watch that crap or mourn the death of culture in America. Anyway, I had much better idea for a Reality TV Show. Once that's based in reality.

SURVIVOR: New Orleans. Here the contestants can test their strength against homeless thugs, their endurance swimming in toxic goo and their minds trying to figure out what the hell anyone was doing in the first place. It'll be a sure hit. And the winner can get a $2,000 debit card courtesy of the US Government.

In other news it only took me two tries to spell cannibalize correctly. I also finished revamping the April and May 2005 entries.




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