FSU destroys The Citadel | 09/10/05

Ouch. Take that Division 2-A Citadel. Yeah, yeah, you were winning at one point. Big deal. We ripped your ass off in the 3rd quarter and didn't give it back until the end of the game. Your fans were good-spirited enough so you're welcome to come back any time y'all want. Ricky and Tami came over before the game and we grilled out. Tami used to be a mascot! Can you believe that? From her stories there is NO way I'd ever put on an outfit like that.

I've also finished all the 2005 Archived Entries. What a pain in the ass. Whenever I feel like procrastinating "real work" I do one of those entries as a punishment. Only half of 2004 to go.




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