Reliving 9/11 | 09/11/05

Where was I on 9/11? Well let me tell you. I had woken up at 6:00am to "work out". It was Day 1 of my new routine which was going to involve eating a couple bowls of Corn Flakes, some fruit and vitamins and doing push ups. I decided to watch Judge Joe Brown while I was doing this. I only did about three push-ups before I called it a day. I only had a little Goodwill TV which was sitting on a hexagonal end table (the extent of my furniture at the time) so I sat on the floor and watched poor people bicker and say things like "Dontchu tell my dogs to shut up!" Eventually I saw the first plane hit and I distinctly remembering thinking how someone could miss the World Trade Center. Dumbass. Then the second one hit--uh oh. I figured the world was coming to an end but I still went to class. After our first class FSU cancelled classes and we all stood outside in the breezeway. Dr. Spencer walked by and said something witty. Then we went home. My only other 9/11 memory is everyone coming over to my apartment when SNL did their first show afterwards. Paul Simon played The Boxer and the trumpet player screwed up. Ta-da.




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