Different Color Ribbons | 09/12/05

Oh my God, Chompy. When is enough enough? How many more ribbons can be made? Listen, I'd like to eradicate all of these terrible diseases but come on. Just because I wear a red ribbon (AIDS/HIV, Heart Disease, Drunk Driving, Lymphoma, MADD, DARE) doesn't make me want it any more than anyone else. What happens once everyone is aware of everything? We all live in bubbles? Because we saw a blue ribbon? (Child Abuse, Colon Cancer, Education, Free Speech, Reyes Syndrome, Victim Rights, Water Quality) And what happens when even see one now?

Here's what each color means. As of today:

Man in Park: I see you're wearing a Green Ribbon.
Woman: Yes, it's for my son--he's depressed.
Man: Lucky you--I figured he was he was retarded hippie.
Woman: Those contribute to his depression.

Woman at PTA Meeting: So I'm wearing my pink ribbon again now that I got my kid back from that Foster Home.
Old man wearing lavendar ribbon: Go to hell.




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