Winter Vacation Ends | 01/06/04

Today I slept in late for the last time, went out to lunch with Jamie, her uncle, her cousin from Venezuela, her cousin from Germany and her grandma at Momo's. My God, the slices really are as big as your head. Her uncle used to live in Trinidad and was able, if nothing else, to throw around some really impressive names. He said that he would see what he could do in terms of arranging for us to go down for Carnival. That would be fun. In the afternoon, Jamie sorted all my pictures into books and I spent 2.5 hours cleaning my bathroom from top to bottom. I am now, for the first time, not embarrassed to have people take dumps in my house. At 7pm, we went over to Chris' for dinner. If it wasn't for my aversion to tomato based sauces, the actual food and consistency was delicious. After dinner we came back here and played Scattegories. I must wake up early to register for classes tomorrow. Hoorah.




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