I Hate The Three Stooges | 09/14/05

I miss teaching. I went out to lunch with Bryan Richards to Olive Garden today and he filled me on all the latest gossip. Apparently LaTosha, the general assistant, was fired for running up $600 bucks on the College of Music credit card. Knowing she'd be busted she just stopped coming to work.

I had a total shortage of creativity today. I had been thinking recently that I spend so much time writing code for sites that I missed the actual design for them. Today I had my chance to sit down and come up with something awesome. Instead I came up with total and complete crap. When I'd get stuck writing music I had a plan. A two-fold plan: more rhythm and steal. Not blatantly steal but listen to something unrelated, transcribe it, and adapt it. Then in a couple days (when the creativity came back) I could overwrite the more obvious sections. Rhythm never lets you down--ever. Don't get me wrong, I like chords and melodies but regardless of the genre the best music is driven by killer rhythm.

You know what I hate more than those ribbons? Those Support The Troops magnets people plaster to the back of their gas guzzling cars. I don't get it. Well, I understand supporting the troops (except the Navy--do they even DO anything?). They're braver than any of us; I get it. But is there anyone NOT supporting the troops? Walking around saying, "Man, I love being at war but damn, I hate the guys doing it". I don't think so. Whether you're for beating the living bejesus out of Iraq or not don't you want our guys to come home safely? I mean, except those in the Navy. But all the rest of them? I just don't get it. I don't have a magnet on my car that says: I Support Breathing. Don't we all support breathing? Can we at least agree that breathing is good? I don't get it. Poker tomorrow at 7pm so show up. I've got some great pics saved up for the rest of the week.




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