Happy Birthday Brian! | 09/15/05

Happy Birthday Brian! You're come down here in like a week. I'm going to try to pull together a special poker night. Speaking of poker, I have something to say to everyone that played last night. Thank you. Thank you so much for your money. Brian, thank you. Jamie, thank you. Theory-Chris, thank you. Elena, thank you. Kathy, thank you. And finally, although you were *this* close to not only NOT giving me your money AND taking mine, Poker-Chris, thank you for your money. Or Elena's. However it works over there. Had the last card of the game been different this would have been a standard poker-night-entry with me bitching about how unlucky I was. Instead, I got lucky and it was nice. P-Chris has the same skill that Ricky has--that special something that makes me totally wig out one-on-one. But last night I totally snuck one out. Pow.




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