FSU Dismantles Boston College | 09/17/05

For a week all I read on the sports sites were how BC was going to stick to FSU. Our budding QB totally dismantled Boston College in the second half and it was all good. Jamie and I went over to P-Chris and Elena's to watch the game with them and their buddy Tim. Tim went 219/220 in our Pick 'Em. That's pretty good. I had a little extra time in Photoshop today so let me point out a few key features. If you look carefully you can see Chompy preparing to maul some BC fan as well as a raven eating the brains of the BC Eagle. Originally Alumni Stadium was going to be in space but it didn't look as cool as I was hoping. In the long run it doesn't matter because the winner of the ACC Coastal is going to get eaten alive by Virginia Tech. But until then Go State!




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