Ranch Tooth | 09/18/05

Ranch! Oh man, whoever Wendy's hired to do their new advertising should get double their current pay. I like the new, boxy characters and LOVE that Ranch Tooth. While I hate ranch dressing and would never for one second consider eating the crap they consider "food" I still think that tooth is pretty cute.

FSU leapt over Georgia to become the nation's sixth best team. If the BCS-season ended today the #1 Seminoles would play the #2 Gators. And they'd rip us apart. It's unfortunate that we play them during the season, ensuring we would never play them for the National Championship. I wish people would stop making such a big deal about USC. Their schedule is a cakewalk. FSU plays five Top 25 teams and USC plays two. Come on. Even Florida, while I'm required to root against them, comes out of a strong conference and had to beat talented teams to get where they are. Enough about football.

Just five days until Brian comes down and 20 days until my birthday. The dreaded 2-6. The day that officially notifies you that you're closer to 30 than 20. Since my birthday falls on a Sunday I'd really like to have a big party the Friday before. It's been a long time since I had a big party. Not that I don't enjoy gathering with close friends but sometimes you just want to let it all hang out. And I want to let it all hang out. That's right--all of it.




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