Happy Birthday Grandma Doris! | 09/20/05

It has been brought to my attention that the games I enjoy are too difficult for the casual reader. That's fine. Today I offer Fishy. In this game you start as a small fish and your goal is to consume the contents of the lake. The only downside is that you can only eat fish smaller than you. The upside is that for each fish you eat you grow an indistinguishably bit bigger. It'll take you about 15 minutes or so from start to finish so there's no huge time commitment involved. The biggest problem you'll face is thinking you're bigger than a certain fish and end up dead and having to start over.

Only three more days until Brian's weekend visit. I had a relatively light work day and decided to buy some new "fat" jeans. I'm now a solid 32x32 (or sometimes 32x34) so I'm really in retail heaven. No more having to order 28x34 jeans from freak-stores online. Getting fat was one of the best things I've ever done and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I know what you're thinking--that I'm not really fat. But I'm fat for me. Weighing in at 170 lbs is a big deal. Until last year I was stuck at 145 and no ammount of McDonald's or apathy could get the number higher. Strangely enough I've eaten more fruit and vegetables in the past twelve months than another other time in my life. My God Ab, healthy eating makes you fat.

Happy Birthday Grandma Doris.




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