Compulsive Gambling: Pete Rose | 01/05/04

Waa waa waa. Look at me, I'm the ever-whiny Pete Rose. Sure I am a compulsive gambler and a compulsive liar but because I always ran hard to first base when hitting lots of singles, I should be reinstated into baseball because I finally admitted I bet on baseball (including MY OWN TEAM) after adamantly denying it for fourteen years. I hate you Pete Rose. Apparently Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball, told Pete Rose that if he just confessed then he would be eligible for the Hall of Fame as well as a reinstatement back to baseball. I hate you too, Bud Selig. What could be worse for baseball than bringing Pete Rose back? It just shows that any disciple decided by the league can be randomly overturned once you admit you screwed up. I don't see any moves to reinstate the infamous Black Sox that threw the World Series for $$$ back in the 1910's. And they admitted to it right away. As much as I love baseball, which is a lot, if Pete Rose is reinstated I'm never going to another game.

My dad left town around 10am yesterday after his flight was delayed. I spent my day making lists and playing Final Fantasy III. Chris and Jamie came over last night for veal and potatoes. Kathy also had a game night, that I'm sure would have been fun, but I didn't want to go because I absolutely hate one of the people she invited. Today I need to go to PetCo. and run other miscellaneous errands before school starts tomorrow. I need to do a lot with the Music Tech website in putting up the final updates before students are going to be looking at it on Thursday. If I have time, I might sneak in some FF3 because, well, I'm a nerd.




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