Weekend of Uri | 09/24/05

On Friday I met Chris for lunch at Andrews and finished up some work before Kathy and I picked up BU from the airport. The flight was delayed for about an hour so Kathy and talked about the game of the weekend (Settlers of Catan[ia]). We got to the airport right as he was walking towards the luggage (not that he had anything checked, of course) and after a quick discussion about the possibility of his wearing dark jeans (he wasn't) we got in the car and headed to Applebees. We had a quick dinner and then went back to my house to play Kathy's new game. Honestly, it sounds like the lamest game (that doesn't involve a dwarf or warlock) but it's actually pretty fun. We got in two games and Kathy and Brian went back to Kathy's.

The next morning, since we had gone to bed around 3am, we had a late homemade breakfast at Kathy's before coming back to my house for some practice poker. I picked up Chris for a gig around 5pm and Kathy and Brian went to see that new Jodi Foster movie. The gig was probably the easiest $100 I'd ever made even if we weren't sounding our best. Everyone there was absolutely blitzed and we only played for about 75 minutes. We tried to make some new friends and invited them to the party but they didn't show. They were neo-hippies with corporate jobs and according to Chris, they (husband and wife, Jenn & Jaime) wanted to get it on with me and Matt. Whatever. Chris and I went to Publix after the gig to get some pizza and the booze our bodies craved and then went back to my house to tidy up in the ten minutes before everyone arrived. Elena came first and was kind enough to bring her massive set of poker chips. Within about a half hour everyone had arrived and we got down to poker-business. Kathy decided we should divide into two tables so everyone drew numbers and sat either in the living room (Kathy, Elena, T-Chris and Marty) or at the kitchen table (Brian, Ian, Renee, Pete and me). The plan was to eliminte all but two people from each table and then recombine to determine the winner. My table was a total throw-down with four ballsy players (and Pete) and within 40 minutes Ian and I had survived. At the other table, with their billions of chips, they decided to play a little more conservatively and took an extra 90 minutes before Theory-Chris was knocked out. Brian figured out they had 9.2x times as many chips and they traded into our currency for the second half. Marty kicked all of our asses. There's really no nice way of saying it. He wasn't particularly lucky or caught a lot of breaks--he just totally kicked our asses. For those of you scoring at home:

Ian knocked out Pete (T2: 10:15pm)
Ian knocked out Renne (T2: 10:25pm)
Mike knocked out Brian (T2: 10:40pm)
Elena knocked out Theory-Chris (T1: 12:15am)
Tables Combined (12:45am)
Marty knocked out Ian (1:15am)
Marty knocked out Elena(1:30am)
Mike knocked out Kathy(1:40am)
Marty knocked out Mike (and won: 1:50am)

After eight beers, I woke up today (Sunday) hungover at 9:30 so I could go with Kathy to take Brian to the airport. We dropped him off and I think gave the most awkward hug of all-time. Anyway, Kathy and I went to Jenny's Lunchbox for breakfast and coffee then I came home and I slept off the rest of my hangover. I'm feeling great now and totally ready for Desperate Housewives (which of course will get a separate update later). Thanks for coming Brian! You got any wheat? I've got two for one sheep.




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