Crazy Old Man Jack: Part VIII | 09/27/05

Although Toni handled it really nicely, I'm still really, REALLY pissed Jack cut my hours again. This is getting out of control. Yes, I work from home. Yes, I have other sources of income but I've been misled from Day 1. It's nice working from home. I admit it. In return for my working at home, I don't put all the times I check emails and write emails. Or talk on the phone to discuss whatever random shit is on your mind. But come on. I submit only the time I'm writing code or writing a serious email that you need to see a draft of first. Every now and then some research where I was explicitly asked to find something. Unlike my coworkers, the work I do can't be done in a single sitting. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks to get something to work right. I can't help that. If I could build entire websites overnight with every feature any client wanted I'd be filthy rich by now. But I can't build them overnight. Sorry. I can't wait for that big, fat HELL NO from the Templeton Fund to come in.

I also bought two new shirts.




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